18 months Boy Pictures ~ Oregon City Portrait Studio / Robinwood Photography

One of my regular customers that was back in the studio for another milestone. It's been fun getting to know this little guy; next up will be his two year session. This is her third child and I've got to do all her kids' pictures, along with their family a few times. He wasn't really "in the mood" for this session. It took him a while to warm up. So he just sat on his moms lap off to the side as we lured him into the set up with toys and fruit snacks. He'd walk over to the "bait" and then hurry back to his moms lap. After lots of attempts, we were able to capture some cute moments. We just had to get creative and distract him. I even got a few smiles, which was a huge bonus. She says he doesn't smile that often. I always tend to like the more candid shots as it is, and so does she so I'd say we had a great session, considering all the tears.

Isn't this sweet!   I love his chubby little hands and sweet smirk

Yay! A smile!  

I loved his little outfit.  So classic.    

Feeding his horse a fruit snack ;) 

He wouldn't get on the horse but he thought it was funny that his bear rode it!  

He kept carrying my props and putting them back.  I think he was trying to tell me he was done!  

Baby Boy Pictures ~ Oergon City Portrait Studio / Robinwood Photography

This little 6 month old was so sweet! He just sat there and just smiled the whole session! I wanted to put my camera down and just play with him instead! ;)

Newborn Baby Girl Pictures ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Robinwood Photography

I had a sweet baby girl session in the studio. She was awake for the beginning of her session, but she gave me such good eye contact, it worked out great! Once she fell asleep, she flashed a few smiles and we got some sweet mommy and baby shots too.

Fall Family Pictures ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Robinwood Photography

We really lucked out on the weather for this session! We were back and forth about canceling because it called for rain. The hard part was, if we rescheduled, the fall color would be gone because it called for non-stop rain for the next 10 days! It rained on my way and I was so nervous and worried! The clouds broke up for a while and we even got some sunlight! They were such an adorable family with three little kids. Loved all the sweet candid moments of them playing with their kids. Those are the best years of their lives and I'm so glad they came to Robinwood to capture that.

This is my favorite of him.  Close up black and whites are always my favorite! 

Aren't they a cute family?!  

Love these moments with Daddy and Mommy!