What To Wear for Family Portraits...

It's What To Wear Wednesday! We get this question all the time so we thought we would do a blog post on it. Planning outfits for a family can be a daunting task so we thought we would give you some guidance and example. Try not to be too "matchy". That can come off as boring or typical. Pick a color scheme and go from there. Maybe your house decor can inspire you. If you are going to have a gallery wall for your living room it is sometimes nice to pull colors from your room. Think of your portraits as a work of art. If you were to buy art for your room you would want it to coordinate. Or just go with a neutral pallet if you aren't sure where you will hang them. Our example is of a neutral color pallet. You can never go wrong with soft blues, beige, and white. Once color is determined look through your closet. I recommend Mom picking out her outfit first and having the family revolve around her look. If the mom is happy with how she looks, everybody will be happy ;) Another tip is to mix it up. Add textures, patterns and layer your look to add personality. Add jewelry, scarfs, hats, jackets and anything you think is "you". Hope that helps when picking your outfits. Book your session now with Robinwood and we can help personalize a look that is just you!


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