13 ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

Turning thirteen years old is a big milestone for a young lady. So what better way to celebrate this moment in life than with a portrait session! Miss Kimberly was a pure joy to work with and a real trooper. As fellow Oregonians will attest to, we are still in the midst of Old Man Winters grip, and the day of this photo session was no exception. Although we were lucky enough to get a dry day it was colder than cold. In the twenties to be exact! With goosebumps galore and many, many, breaks in between shots warming in her parka, Kimberly came through with shining colors....and many gorgeous shots to boot ;)


Hannah said...

These are all FABULOUS!! What a gorgeous girl! Ooh! I love the one of her looking down and smiling (Black and White!)
I also like how you changed the color of her shirt in the first one! looks great with the wall!

Deborah said...

Oh, my!! They are all fabulous! How will I ever chose??? Great job girls!

Katie Lee said...

She is drop dead beautiful! I thought for a long time that the one of her looking down in black and white, was Tia. Until I checked out the blog!

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