One Year Old~ Oregon City Photographer

We had such a fun time with Miss Tessa! She had so much personality and was so fun to interact with! She makes an 'angry' face that her family wanted us to capture because it's her trade mark face right now. She would give us her little frown and then the next frame would flash us a great big cheesy grin! We even got to capture her taking steps. New walkers are so fun to photograph because they are so wobbly. She would raise her hands above her head to keep her balance and it was really fun to document that special moment!

Don't even think about taking my cupcake, Mom!!


Jillian said...

These are all fantastic shots! She has so much personality and I love that you got it all!

And I love what you've done with your blog:)

Anonymous said...

My heart melts when I look at these, you truly captured moments I will treasure for a lifetime. Thank you ladies for the outstanding work!!
Much love,
Tessa's Mommy :)

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