3 1/2 ~ Oregon City Child Photographer

Oh Miss Marina. How much we adore her! We've been taking Marina's pictures since she was 6 months old and we are so thrilled to have her back again. She is such a wonderful little soul and has such character about her you just can't help but giggle while she's around. Her adorable little smiles, her laugh, her soft curls, she's just perfect. We were lucky to have her schedule and appointment on a rare sunny afternoon (which, can I just say I'd like to put an order in for more of, thank you very much Mother Nature. It's May for gracious sakes. Ok rant over) and we took her to a few of our favorite new spots where the light is golden, the flowers or popping, and the 'wishies' are plentiful. Enjoy!


Katie Lee said...

These are all fantastic!! Like always!

Gayle said...

she is so cute!!!

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