Family Bonding ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

I love that we are having some nice weather. It is our favorite setting to be outside, on location and especially with this sweet, loving, fun family. They have been coming to us since their daughter was just days old. We were so happy for them to come for the 4th time for her 9 months session. They had wonderful family portraits as well and we was so pleased on how they turned out.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Those are ALL fantastic!!!What a great looking family:)

Hannah Gwen said...

These are all great!:)
Love the one of the three of them sitting in the grass with Isabella holding the flower! It is just so cute!

Taylor Kayleen said...

I LOVE the one of Kirk throwing her up in the air, Isabella's face is sooo cute!! They're all fabulous, it'd be tough to choose a favorite out of these!!

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