What to Wear Senior Boys Edition ~ Oregon City Senior Portrait Photographer

It's graduation season and nows the perfect time to come in for new fresh shots for your teens ceremony and also to book your session for their yearbook shots. If you have a teen boy you may know that their style can sometimes be something, how shall we say, interesting. Don't get us wrong we know and recognize that every teen has thier own unique style and no two fit into the same mold. But thats exactly the point we are going to address here. Embrace your teens own unique style in their senior portraits and let a few simple guidelines lead the way.
~ Solid color tops work great to set them apart during their outdoor on location session.
~ Remember to bring along some of their personal belongings. Sunglasses, cuffs, guitar, skateboard, snowboard, sporting equipment like helmets, football gear, baseball mit, or anything else that has special meaning to your teen.
~ New and Expensive is NOT a requirement. Don't worry too much about spending a ton of money on new clothes for their photo session. Just look through their closet and I'm sure you'll find perfectly suitable outfits right in their own closet.
~ Comfortable clothes make for comfortable pictures. If your son hasn't worn is his suit since cousin Annie's wedding in 2006 maybe leave that look at home. Ill fitting clothes can be a huge killer for nice looking portaits.
~ Check out our inspiration image below for more great ideas!
~More tips to come!!!


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