Puppies! ~ Oregon City Pet Photographer

Warning! This blog post contains an exorbitant amount of cuteness. ;)
Oh man, was this session so much fun! Meet Chewy and Millie. Chewy and Millie's momma brought these two into the the studio for some much needed 'sibling' photos. These two darlings were so much fun both in the studio and on location. They were so well behaved we couldn't believe how much posing we were able to get out of them! After chasing around two year old human subjects this was almost too easy. Enjoy!

(Chewy on the left and Millie on the right)

Awwww. Just look at those eyes.

Her royal highness has arrived ;)

"Oh hey girl. Just chill'in in my tutu. You like?"

"Does this make my, uhmm, 'tail'look big?" :)

Suuuuure Chewy.

Ok, ok I believe you! Just look at those eyes.


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