Sisters & a Puppy named Dude ~ Oregon City Child Photographer

Oh man, I don't think we can handle this anymore. The cuteness that is. We have been getting so many darn cute clients lately I think a vortex of cuteness just might open up right in the middle of our studio and suck us into it. I mean, one place can't possibly hold all this cuteness power, can it? ;)
So we had Miss Riley and Miss Bella come back to Robinwood Photography for another darling photo shoot this time with their brand new puppy and best friend, Dude. What a sweet, sweet, little guy. And these girls really are over the moon for him. Especially little Miss Bella. She loves him with every bit of herself. Squishing his rolly face, squeezing his wrinkly body in a tight hug. She's in love. Proceed to view this photo shoots images with caution. We can not be held responsible for spontaneous cuteness vortexes :)


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