Brother and Sister ~ Robinwood Photography ~ Oregon City Photographer

Something great happened for this session.... The Mom came into this thinking she wouldn't get any shots of her son or have any turn out of them together because he doesn't like to get his picture taken. Well, she is in for a treat! Not only did we get great shots of him by himself, we got some really special shots of them together as well! We were able to capture lots of sweet moments between them and great expressions from him on his individual shots. The older sister was a delight and took great pictures for us. The Mom said last time she took her son to get his picture taken it didn't go so well. We strive to have a laid back session. We don't like to make the child feel like they have to sit in one spot, posed. By interacting with them and making it fun we had a great session! We are happy she came to us and we hope to see her as another returning client! Enjoy our preview:


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