Cutie Patootie Two Year Old ~ Oregon City Child Photographer ~ Robinwood Photography

We get the cutest clients! No really, we do ;) And this repeat client is no exception. We had the pleasure of taking pictures of her and her brothers last year and we are so glad they all decided to come back again. This time around we focused more time on little sister. She was being such a doll and (bonus!) she brought her kitty! To say she is in love with this kitty is an understatement. She adores this little guy. And this kitty was THE nicest, calmest, most relaxed kitty we have ever seen! He was like perfect little stuffed animal. We got some super cute shots with the two of them. Enjoy their preview!!
Smile Kitty!
"See my Kitty?"
Can you believe the kitty just waited in the baby doll stroller in between shots?? What a perfect cat!
And that was a wrap! Time to take the kitty home! ;)


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those just make me smile!!!! :)

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