Battle of the Cuteness! Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Robinwood Photography

We had such a great session. Miss 'A' is one of our favorite returning clients. She is so precious and well behaved. We had a darling tea party with her and she was so dainty and proper it just blew our minds! So you think it can't get any cuter than that right? That's what we thought. Then it was little brothers turn! Mr. 'H' has become another favorite of ours and he is only 3 months! He is so smiley and such a nice, happy baby. To top it off, we got to see his chubby little body. A baby in a bow tie, can it get any cuter? So that is why it is the battle of the cuteness! They both are adorable and it's almost too much to handle!! Check it out for yourself!!


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