Puppies! Oregon City Photographer / Robinwood Photography

It was such a fun change to get to photograph a darling litter of bulldog puppies! Puppies are a lot like toddlers! They don't sit still, you have to go at their pace, but they sure are cute!! It was quite the job, my boys got to come along with me to help wrangle up the puppies, along with the owner and her kids! Between all of us, we kept putting them back in baskets and wagons trying to get them to look at the camera! It was a group effort, but lots of fun at the same time! I dare you to not go googoo eyed over these adorable puppies! I don't know if you can get any cuter that this! Enjoy! (P.S. some of the pictures got cut off on the right side from the blog. Just know they don't really look like that!)


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