Family~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Robinwood Photography

I throughly enjoyed getting to know this family! The parents were so nice and they had two adorable kids that were so well behaved! It was so nice to just sit back, and enjoy capturing them interacting with each other! The little girl just turned two and she brought darling props for her Birthday pictures! A mirror that she loved looking at herself with, white gloves and a hat! It was so old fashioned and made great props. Oh yeah and she had an umbrella that she loved opening and closing. She thought she was pretty tricky ;) The grass was pretty long and she kept falling. She'd say "I'm ok!" and then help herself back up. It was priceless. I hope their pictures bring a smile to your face! I know it did for me! I think she though her face was in the mirror still and was showing me what it looked like! ;)


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