Senior Portraits- Class of 2013! Oregon City Photographer / Robinwood Photography

I must say, I love my job! :) I get so excited when I get the shots I imagine in my head and I get a client who is full of ideas too! This sweet teen mentored me for her senior project and now it is her turn to get her portraits done! She came with darling outfits, neat books that were very pretty and was a great personal touch. She was such a great sport! She laid in the middle of flower beds, and even went wading in a slimy duck pond! What a trooper. I was so proud of her because the shots I got are my favorite to date! The first setting was in a beautiful cherry blossomed garden and she had the perfect outfit to coordinate. It was so fun and whimsical it felt like a fairy tale! In the duck pond she got to have fun, be herself and just splash in the water. She almost fell in a few times but good thing she had good balance or her beautiful curls would have been ruined! It was a great day and Im proud on how they turned out! Hope you enjoy her preview!


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