A Boy and His Puppy~ Oregon City On Location Portrait Photographer / Robinwood Photography

Is there anything cuter than a little boy with puppies? I think not! This little two year old was so adorable and had such a cute personality. He doesn't talk much yet but we all knew what he wanted. He would just boss those puppies around and tell them when he would want them to jump out of a basket or to "come on" and follow him. Puppies are a great "prop" for a busy two year old. It keeps them sitting still and entertained. I was able to get cute facial expressions and candid shots of him playing with the puppies. He is the youngest of 3 kids and the Mom has brought each of her kids to Robinwood Photography for their two year old pictures with puppies at this location. How fun for her to have coordinating pictures of each of her kids at this age! Such a good idea!
Giving his puppy hugs!
I loved his little hands in this one! He looks like he's talking to the puppies!
He wanted the puppies to get out of the box! I loved the two puppies in front cuddling up to each other.


Anonymous said...

You did such a great job with our little man, Casey! Thanks a million ~ Granny Shelly

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