Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Robinwood Photography

I get so many different personalities and moods when working with young children. This shy three year old really wasn't in the mood to get her pictures done. I could tell she needed to warm up and be distracted. So I took her out of her chair that I had all set up for her first pose and asked her if she wanted to go exploring with me! We walked around and collected different colored leaves and berries from trees. I'd say the style of her session would be more of a lifestyle session meaning I captured her as she played instead of making her sit and pose. I got a lot of candid shots and she even flashed a few smiles to the camera! Her mom wasn't expecting her to sit and pose to the camera so that took the pressure off of me when I knew she was wanting more candid shots! She is such a sweet little girl and I've done her pictures regularly in the past and I've always loved the out come from her session. This was my first picture. She wouldn't look at the camera, no matter what bribes her Mom told her she would get! She looks so precious just sitting there anyway. After this is when we went exploring.
Just look at that sad little face! :( She needed to have a break. So she got her outfit changed and tried again.


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