Oregon City Senior Portrait Photographer / On Location / Robinwood Photography

Well, I think this is my last session to share of the graduating class of 2014! (Unless I get some last minute appointment!) I'm just about all caught up and it feels good! Just around the corner it will be time to start scheduling seniors for 2015! This young Man came nicely dressed with a few dress shirts to trade off through out his session. His Mom filled me in that he only has one smile, and if he tried to smile any different it wouldn't look like himself. If your child has a certain look, it really helps to let me know a head of time so I know what to expect. Some people smile with their teeth but have a hard time getting a natural smile so I have to try and make them laugh but this wasn't the case for this guy. It was a very easy session and all I had to worry about was making sure there wasn't glare on his glasses or he didn't blink! (Oh, and corse the lighting, posing, and technical camera stuff, but thats like second nature to me!) The train station is one of my most requested locations and it's great by me! I love the look of the train tracks, concrete steps, that urban feel.


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