Baby, Oh Baby!! Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Studio and On location / Robinwood Photography

Wait until you see this darling little six month old baby boy! He should be entered into a cutest baby contest! Those big brown eyes just melt your heart! He was such a happy, smiley baby! We started in the studio and did some cowboy pictures and then went outside for a different scenery. We took pictures behind my studio and just found a shady spot. He was so amazed by the grass he could hardly look up! It's so cute to watch babies discover new things and watch them play! I just adored this little guy and I am so happy he came to Robinwood to capture all his cuteness at six months! Hopefully I can see him again for his one year! Fingers crossed! :)
I had to share both his sober faces and smiles because they are both too cute to decide!
I love his little frown!


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