Sisters~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Studio / Robinwood Photography

This Mommy is so blessed with her two adorable babies! She brought her two year old and her six week old daughters in for pictures! I've got to see the two year old for all her milestone pictures as she's grown and now its her sisters turn. I can't believe I was able to pose the two year old like I did! She just did what ever I told her and has the most precious face! I loved how her pictures turned out. Most of the time you are lucky to just get a two year old to sit for a few seconds! For their sibling shots she was so sweet to her new sister. I loved the way she looked at her and would give her sweet kisses! The baby was a little fussy so we had just a short time with her for her individual shots but I was happy with the one's we got! I hope you enjoy their preview!


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