Newborn Twins ~ Oregon City Portrait Studio / Robinwood Photography

I got another set of newborn twins in the studio! Yay! I was a little worried because they were a month old and was born on time! Their Momma warned me that they don't stay in a deep sleep very long and that she has been trying to get a cuddly sleeping picture of them together since they were born and hadn't had any luck. So I was pleased that we got so many, and she was thrilled too! We got a few family shots at the end of the session. We had quite the ordeal so we kept the family poses very simple! I had one baby all posed in the moms arms (with no diaper) sleeping so perfectly. Then I went to get the other baby posed in the Dads arms when I look over and the baby girl is wetting all over everything! It sounded like a down pour!! Then seconds later, the baby boy decided he had to go too! Haha! So we had two huge puddles, wet parents and wet a backdrop! But all was good and made for a good laugh!

  Behind the scenes.... He was all posed and waiting for his sister to go to sleep.
Giving her brother a kiss!
Just look at that sweet smile! I just loved how he was snuggled up to her!


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