Senior Guy Session ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Robinwood Photography

I've been doing a lot of graduation sessions lately and now it is my baby brother's turn. I can't believe he will be graduating this year, it seems unreal! As I'm taking his pictures, looking though the lens, I'm realizing how old he looks! It's weird how you see someone all the time but don' t really stop and look at how much they've changed until you see a picture of them! I'm just his sister and it still gets me all choked up. I can't image how my Mom feels and all the other Moms out there that are watching their kids grow up to become adults. I feel like it will be a blink of an eye and my boys will be graduating. But on a lighter note... It was fun doing his pictures! We started off downtown to get a neutral look and then we went to a new location of a neat forest. He's a hunter, outdoorsman and we wanted a setting that fit his personality! There's a funny story to the pictures I will be sharing last. So scroll down to hear about it! Just a fun way to show his silly sense of humor!
We did his 16 year old session with his Jeep but he just got new wheels so we did a few more
Ok now for some fun... So he found a funny Senior picture online and wanted to re-create it as a joke. We've been talking about it all year and now we actually get to do it! Our Mom wasn't too thrilled with the idea, but we said it is a must! People who know him, know his funny sense of humor so they would expect something like this. It was so funny because there was some kids he knew form school across the street and he didn't even care. We were laughing so hard taking these pictures it was hard to make them look serious. Here's our inspiration photo... not sure if this guy did it as a joke but either way we thought it was hysterical!


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