Senior Portraits / Oregon City Photographer / Robinwood Photography

With the on and off rain we've been having, I'm calling this session a victory! We had to reschedule so many times because of the rain. It feels great to get his session done and on to the next person on my growing waiting list! I'm sure his Mom is just as thrilled to get one more thing off her to do list before graduation! We went to a new location, and it may be my new favorite place! I struggle to find a country / nature setting for guys and this place was so nice! I'd love to do a family in this field someday too! Well, I hope you enjoy his preview and see a glimpse of his funny personality in a few! My absolute favorite ones are the smiles he would give after he just finished doing something silly. Most are looking away, laughing and its a genuine smile! With teen boys you can't really act silly, or tickle them (haha) to get them to laugh like you can with kids so when you can get a big grin, it's a success!
Here's his idea of a pose!
Then this happened! One of my favs!
Gotta have some fun!


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