One Year Old / On Location / Oregon City Portrait Phtographer / Robinwood Photgraphy

I just had a one year old session at my favorite location.  I've been her photographer since she was a newborn in the studio and it's finally warm enough for an outside session!   She wanted her mommy most of the time so it was nice to be outside and have distractions to help her from crying.  Even though I love crying baby pictures, I know Moms still need some great smiling ones too.  When she wasn't crying, she would give me some pretty funny expressions.  I loved her little personality!  Her mom even brought a picture from her newborn session to set next to her.  It's fun to compare how fast they grow in just one year.  Hope her preview brings a smile to your face!

Pouty lip. Sad little face!

I loved the series of these next three!   

If I was funny, I'd come up with a funny caption for this one!  I just love her expression!   


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