One Year Old~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer / On Location / Robinwood Photography

This poor baby is a mama's girl so she had a hard time for her session!  Between all the crying I was able to get some good shots of her!  We were giving her anything to make her stop crying!  In some shots she wanted to hold a hair spray lid, popped balloons, and wrappers! Not very photogenic props but she would stop crying for a second.  So I tried to get close ups to disguise her props!  Her Mommy sat right next to her side to give her reassurance!

I just had a client tell me that my website galleries are all of perfect babies and children! So I told him to check out my blog for the real stories!  Haha!  On here I share more of each session instead of just one good picture.  So maybe this can help clients feel better in knowing that there is no perfect child and every session with a kid has challenges. It's just what you capture that is important!  Besides,  I actually love crying baby pictures!  I think they are so cute and fun to look back on for a parent! It doesn't bother me when babies or kids act out because I have kids myself and know thats normal! You just have to be patient and know how to distract them!

She needed some Mommy time!


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