Two Year Old Girl / Oregon City Portrait Studio / Robinwood Photography

This little cutie had a fun tea party in the studio! At this age, it's nice to have something for them to do so they can sit still for a bit! She had a good time feeding her bears tea! She was so delicate with the tea set and was so sweet to watch. I loved getting to know her and watching her play!

I loved her smile and pose in this one beow! 

She wanted to watch a show on her moms phone so I tried to get some close ups so you couldn't see the phone!  She has such pretty eyelashes! 

This was a funny outtake! We was trying to get the phone away from her and replace it with the mirror but she loved looking at herself and go right back to watching her show.   

I got a new lens, and I finally got to use it to its full potential.  My yard isn't very lovely looking right now but this lens makes such a nice buttery background it doesn't matter! 


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