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Introducing the newest member of our family, Pixie! My two boys are getting older and I was needing something to take care! It was either have another baby or get a dog... so we got a dog! ;) So far it is filling the void! We adopted her from a family who worked all the time and she spent her whole life locked in a kennel. I would have never picked a Chihuahua as a dog breed but once I met her, it was love at first site! She is two years old and as sweet as can be! Once I held her, I knew she was going to be my new baby girl. She is the princess in our house! I've always wanted to do girly things, and now I can! haha! We had a nice day out and noticed a patch of pretty spring flowers in bloom so I decided we better take a picture with them before they are done blooming. So I put her Spring dress on and we had a quick mini session! I wasn't planning on taking more pictures of her but it was so fun. My older son helped me in the studio and we did some fun set ups. I ended up teaching him how to take pictures so I could be right next to Pixie and make her stay. He did a great job! I know, I know.... I'm one of those... Dog lovers now! I've never been a dog person before but if you open your heart, you discover, they fill an emptiness that you never knew you had! She brings so much love to our family and I'm so lucky to have her. So I hope her pictures bring a smile to your face.

Here she is in a flower "bed"

Going for a walk 

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