Senior Guy Portraits / Oregon City Photographer / Robinwood Photography

I got to take this guys pictures at an amazing location! I was in awe over the beauty of this place! It's a friend of theirs property of acres of beautiful country with ponds, bridges and trails all over! I wanted to set up camp and live there! This was the perfect setting for this country boy! He grew up fishing here and was right in his element! This session was for his senior pictures. We included his beautiful sister in some sibling shots and a few individuals for her thirteenth birthday! It was my pleasure to take his pictures just to be in the great outdoors!

I just loved the reflections in the water! 

This is my favorite picture of him!   

I asked for a serious face ... I got it! ;) 

thats better!  

This is my favorite picture of her! This was such a neat road! 

Check out this HUGE tree!!  

His mom discovered this little gem tucked in the forest!  I could have done a whole session with this truck.  I thought it was so cool! 


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