Urban Senior Guy Portraits with his Car! / Oregon City Portrait Photographer / On Location / Robinwood Photography

This senior guy has a fun personality. He has an awesome hot rod but for his every day car, he drives around in a rambler! With his confidence, he makes it cool! Him and his friends love to wear hawaiian shirts so he wore a few for his pictures to show "him" Guys don't usually like to get their picture taken but when you can do them with a cool car, it makes it more fun for them. They worked so hard on his car and it was so fun to photograph! We went to some cool places to showcase it and had a fun evening.

This is one of my favs! 

I really liked this setting for his car!  They shiny metal backdrop went great with his shiny car!  His mom is actually in the drivers seat, ducked down, ready to drive away because we were parked in the middle of the road!  

Classic little sister photo bomb! ;) 


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