Twins One Year Session and cake smash / Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Robinwood Photography / On Location and Studio

ok, so be prepared to be overloaded! Sit down and have a break from your day, and enjoy the cuteness! This is a long blog post because I couldn't choose my favorites and this is the best I could do to narrow down their sneak peak! Having twins to photograph is really like two sessions since they both need individual pictures and together, not to mention their second session in the studio for a cake smash! I can't believe they are already one! This year went by so fast. It's been fun seeing them every few months in the studio and watching them grow. Now that they are both walking, it was very challenging to get them in the same picture together! I'm pretty sure they were scheming with one another to secretly say " you go this way, and I'll go that way" LOL! My game plan was to get them to sit in chairs so they would be stuck for a spit second but they didn't really like that idea! So, myself, their Mom, Grandma, and two Auntie's all helped chase and wrangle them! They were a huge help and I wouldn't have been able to get what I got with out them!  But you'd never know it by the pictures!  They made it look like a  piece of cake! ;)
I just loved her hand resting on his shoulder as they read the book together! 

Here's a pull back.  I had one more behind the camera, next to me to help get their attention!   

I caught them as they crossed paths!  

Look at their adorable shoes!  

She has amazing eyes!  She looks like a little doll here!  

Then magic happened.... They walked by each other for a second!  He is actually just passing her but I caught it! 

They came to the studio the next day for an added session of a cake smash.  To add one to your one year old session, it's just $35 more! 

This one is my favorite of the cake smash.   

I loved her face in this one.  She's looking at her hands like, "um, somebody needs to clean these"  And he is just done! 

I caught her mid air as she sat in her cake! 


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