One Year Old and Sibling Pictures / Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Robinwood Photography

This was a really fun session to do! They did an indian / Teepee theme and I loved how it turned out! It's nice to do a theme when little one's are in pictures. Candids look the best when they think they are just playing and having fun instead of made to sit and smile. I actually prefer the candid moments over a forced, posed smile. Working with the setting sun is also my "thing" and it really creates a magical look all in its own! This baby girl is turning one and she is already so full of personality! She gives the best frowns and then turns around and smiles. So we got a great variety of looks from her! Her older brother was so sweet to her and helped entertain her. Hope you enjoy their preview...

Singing "itsy bitsy" spider to her! 

This is one of my favorites!  It cracks me up every time I look at it! 

She came around.... I guess his sweet gesture of  flowers worked on her!  Girls do love flowers ;)

She has the best profile! Best chubby cheeks!  
I loved both of these.  So sweet to help her walk!

She didn't like to keep the hat on.  She is pointing to her mom like "don't"  


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