Grandkids ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Robinwood Photography

As a gift from her kids, this Grandma got to get her grandkids picture taken all together. She will have a great gallery wall now to display her darling family. She had to wait so patiently for her session. It was one of those that was hard to plan for with weather, and everyone's schedules. We almost had to reschedule again that night because it called for rain. But we all brought umbrellas and packed them along with us, just in case. Luckily we didn't need them! It feels so good to have it done and I hope it was worth the wait for her. She has such beautiful grandchildren. The littlest guy made was such a character, he made some great candid moments. His sweet smile through out the evening just melted my heart.

She brought this great ladder!  It worked well to help pose with all their height differences!  

I love their laughing smiles!  The little guy decided to smack his brother in the face ;) 

Beautiful sisters! 

Just the girlies... 

Just the boys... 

Last shot of the night.  He did perfect the whole time... But he's done now! ;) 


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