Siblings ~ Oregon City Portrait Studio / Robinwood Photography

With three little sibling, the mom wasn't expecting to get much with her two busy littles. With lots of back a forth of re-posing, we were able to get quite a few that turned out! Their mom booked a separate session a while back of just the one year old so we could focus on the three of them for this sitting. It was a good idea, since little ones don't have much of an attention span. They just want to go play! The oldest sister was a great help, trying to hold them both for a quick picture before they ran off. It makes me tired just watching these kiddos. ;) But they are so cute and sweet and I'm happy we got so many good ones!

She wanted to pose just like her sister!  

Just the girls.... 

A little behind the scenes of trying to get the two littles together.... 

Poor girl is getting her bow pulled out!
They were so funny together.  They are so close in age, they look like twins! 

He came around!  Giving her a sweet kiss! 

His mom wanted pictures of him with his favorite blanket!  So sweet!  


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