Grandkids Session ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer / Robinwood Photography

These lucky Grandparents had all their grandkids over to their house for a photo session.  They needed updated pictures from their last session with me since they have two new babies since the last time.  The goal was to just get everyone in a picture, crying or not.  I'm sure I will have to do a few face swaps to get the "perfect shot" of everyone but until then, here is what we got!  With candy and lots help, we all did our best to wrangle them all.  We even had one mom hiding while holding her baby as he cried, just to get him in the shot.  They have such a pretty setting and an old truck that made a great photo spot.
    Heres a funny out take

Just look at that cute widdle face! ;) 

                               Loved this.... She was trying to give him a kiss ;) Classic brotherly love!

Cute little cousins! 

Having fun after pictures!   

   Here they are back in 2014.


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