Oregon City Portrait Photographer / On Location / Robinwood Photography

It's been a while since I've got to do an outside session with the weather lately! It's been mostly studio so it was such a treat to enjoy the nice weather and the beautiful location we took pictures at! The golden light was perfect that evening and it was paired with two of the sweetest kids ever! The little boy just turned four and had THE cutest personality! He would give me the best expressions, and as his Grandma would say, the smolder look! He was like a little model. He liked to pose himself and change it up! I couldn't believe how great he did for me and his eyes... well they will just melt your heart! His little sister was so darling too! She had the best outfits, and did really good for her 18 months! I was told a head of time that she doesn't' smile much so it took the pressure off of me to know that the looks I was capturing was just how she looks everyday! I had a hard time choosing which one's to edit and so they ended up with a ton of proofs! So now the decision making will be on them and I know it won't be an easy task with her darling kids!
Just look at that precious face


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