Oregon City High School Senior Portrait Photographer / On location and Studio / Robinwood Photography

Graduation is coming soon and I'm working so hard to get the rest of the seniors pictures edited and back to them so they can order invitations and pass out pictures to friends and family. Graduation is a great excuse to get pictures done of your teen. It's a new chapter of their lives and such a great accomplishment! This young man is such a busy, hard worker. Not only does he go to school, he also puts in 40 hours a week of work in. Gets home late every night and gets up early every day for school. I'd say he's going to have a bright future ahead of him! He had to take a day off work to fit in time for his senior portraits and I'm glad it worked out. The weather was iffy but we got pretty lucky! It Rained when we first got there, then cleared up for pictures and started to rain as soon as we finished. Phew!


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