Oregon City Portrait Studio Photographer / Robinwood Photography / Baby / Newborn

Three Brothers! Two older brothers who look like little men and have such cute personalities! They adored their new baby brother and it shows in the pictures! They were so sweet, giving him kisses and being so gentle! The middle brother got to have a short nap while we started the babies pictures and he woke up just in time, in a good mood and ready to go! When it was time for the baby to have a break, we took the two boys outside for a few individual shots. Being it was middle of the day, and full sun, I just picked a shady spot in my trees and it worked out great! The whole session flowed nicely because when we went back inside the studio, the baby was in a deep sleep and we got to take more pictures of him. Before, we couldn't pose him or even touch him with out waking up so it was nice to be able to do what ever I wanted with out him waking up! We even took his little outfit off at the end so you could see his tiny little body! I really enjoyed this session and those boys are going to have so much fun growing up together. What a lucky family! :)
Caught a little smile!
I must have been disturbing his sleep! He's trying to tell me "No more pictures!"
His cheeks look so chubby in this one
He must have been having some happy dreams ;)


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