Lil' Cowboy ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer / On location and Studio / Robinwood Photography

I had a shy, little two year old in the studio who wanted nothing to do with pictures. He didn't want to put on his darling little cowboy vest and chaps and just cried and cried. So we had his older brother take a few studio shots hoping it would show him that it wasn't so bad. Still, no such luck. So I decided to take him outside for some pictures. Thought it would distract him and we could get a few shots of him. After a lot of warming up, with his mom right by his side, he sat down for some pictures and we even got a few smiles in between his crying. It was the middle of the day so it wasn't ideal lighting but to my surprise, I loved how they turned out. I found a shady spot and it really made a magical bokeh background. It's nice to have the option to take outside pictures at my studio. We got a few brother shots and went back inside but he still wasn't in the mood. So I got what I could get but the crying one's are always my favorite! At the time, Moms are usually so stressed and upset when their kids cry but it's something to look back on and laugh about! We got some smiles and sober faces so it wasn't all crying. ;) Here's his darling older brother, showing him how it's done!
I loved this one. Check out the dimple!


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