Professional Head Shots ~ Robinwood Photography / Oregon City Portrait Studio

Contact Robinwood Photography for headshot pricing. It comes with a fully edited digital image for you to have with printing rights along with advertising. Get your new professional headshot on business cards, websites or even personal use for social media. Ok so now that all that professional talk is done.... I have an embarrassing story to tell on myself! Let me start off by saying, I understand it can be uncomfortable to be in front of the camera but I really broke the ice for this client!!! I had a bloody nose before she arrived and so I told her to let herself in the studio and I'd be there soon. Time kept going by and my nose wouldn't stop bleeding. I never get bloody noses so this was a rare thing for me to deal with! I felt bad for making her wait any longer so I apologized and told her that my nose wont stop bleeding and that the show must go on. So I meet her for the first time with a kleenex twisted up my nose!!! What a great first impression, huh! I had to do the entire session with the kleenex up my nose. I told her she can no longer feel embarrassed cause all she had to do was look at me and it would give her a natural smile! She kept laughing through out the session! I guess you can say I''m always here for my clients to make them feel comfortable! ;)


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