Newborn Photographer / Oregon City Portrait Studio / Robinwood Photography

Another newborn in the studio! He came with his own props to personalize his session. A wheel barrow, football and jersey, blankets, all the things that were important to them! When planning a session it's nice to incorporate props that will go with your decor, nursery, or your interests! He was such an alert baby and really didn't want to sleep! So we took some of him awake, until that wore him out and he finally gave in! The older a newborn gets, the less they sleep. They don't sleep as sound, or for as long, and don't usually like to pose in the curled up cuddly positions I normally pose them in. This little guy was older than usual and he acted so big and alert. We finished up with some sweet pictures of first time Mommy with her new baby boy! Such a keepsake that she will cherish forever!


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