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First time parents brought their new bundle of joy to my portrait studio for newborn pictures. They were so helpful in assisting me and so nice to work with! One of my most popular poses for a newborn is the baby hanging on the branch set up. It is by far the most challenging set up but the end result is always worth it! I added the before picture to make sure people know that safety is my first priority and the baby wasn't actually hanging by himself! We also did the wedding rings on the feet. That is another popular request. It's a very special keepsake to have. I hope you enjoy his preview!

This pose can only be done if the baby is in a deep sleep. The Dad was to the left, holding the branch, and mom was holding baby with both hands for support. I extended the backdrop in photoshop and cloned out her hands. I took a single shot of just the hanging branch and merged it to the final picture so it looked more realistic. Here is the before picture:


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