Oregon City Portrait Studio Photographer / Robinwood Photography

Wait until you see my latest session with this adorable 6 month old baby! This is my third session with her since she's been born and I've enjoyed getting to see her as she's grown! She is just learning to sit up but still a little wobbly so her mommy was close by just in case she tumbled over! She isn't crawling yet but just learned to army crawl so as soon as we put her on her tummy she thought it was a fun game to try to get to me! Each time we would just move her back to place and capture her cute expressions as she made her way back to me again! She's going to be a pro at crawling any day I'm sure! I hope her sweet pictures bring a smile to your face!
She lifted up her tutu and discovered her piggies hiding under there! I loved her expression!
Giving her bear kisses
"Hey there's my piggies" ;)


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