Thirteen Year Old Girl ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer / On Location / Robinwood Photography

Turning 13 is a big milestone Birthday. To have the word "teen" in your age is a pretty big deal! She had the most amazing dress for her pictures so I tried to find a place that would compliment it. This time of year, everything is dead and brown so when I scouted out this park I was happy to see some greenery and color still. I just had to stare at her beauty! I couldn't get over how much she has grown up since the last session we had in 2012! She brought along her cute little cousins for a few group pictures. The littlest one is very shy, and didn't want to get her picture taken. I knelt down with my big camera in front of my face, "hiding" while her Dad and Auntie sang "I'm a little tea pot" and danced. It was a great moment! We'll do anything to get littles to laugh! The other little girl was laughing so hard, she ended up crying.
This was her back in 2012...

She's needing a moment to wipe away her tears from laughing so hard!  


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