Baseball Session~ Oregon City Portrait Photograher / Robinwood Photography

This blog post is a personal one! It's of my son and two of his teammates from his baseball team! Our baseball season came to an end and we were all missing it! It's such a big part of our lives that now that its over we don't know what to do with ourselves. So we decided to go back to our home field and create some more memories. This was an extra special year because the Redland Wildcats won first place in the State!! Not to mention that they took first place in their County and every tournament they entered! They dominated every team! I've never been more proud of my son and his teammates. If you have a child playing a sport, I'm sure you know how I feel!

Jerseys hung up and retired!  Reminiscing in the dug out about their amazing season!  

They had to stop for a little dance break!  

Team huddle!  We had a lot of these, mid game! 

Fun magazine cover.  They were in the newspaper a few times which was really cool! 

This one below was the actual sky color that evening but had a little fun in photoshop with the above image.  Not sure which one I like better? 

I took this team picture after one of their games.  I wanted a "Sandlot" feel instead of the traditional posed team picture! 

After one of our many 1st place tournaments! 


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