Newborn~ Oregon City Baby Photographer / Portrait Studio / Robinwood Photography

Newborn sessions usually happen before the baby is two weeks old. In this case the baby was 6 weeks. There is a huge difference in age and they really start acting older! Six weeks they don't stay in a deep sleep as well and wake up easily when moved but the plus side is they are more alert and that helps for getting eye contact! If a newborn isn't going to sleep for a session, getting them to look at the camera is the next best thing! This sweet little girl didn't sleep for one picture but that's ok because we still got great shots of her! You don't get to do as much posing at this age because they really start moving their hands a feet more which was a little challenging when I was trying to get detailed shots of her holding her Mommy and Daddy's wedding rings. I just had to follow her moving hand around to get it but it worked out! The funny part is, once we were done with her long session and her Mom took her home they let me know she had slept the whole rest of the day and was out like a light! I guess we really stimulated her ;)
Matching bracelets!
I loved her little lips in this one!


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