E-Session ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer / On Location / Robinwood Photography

This evening session was a 100 degree night, muggy with a thunder storm coming that night so we had to hurry and finish the session before the rain hit. They were troopers in the heat, especially since they had to wear such warm outfits! Started the session with dressy clothes and ended it with matching camo! I loved the camouflage idea since they are both hunters and its so them! They were such good sports, especially the guy. He doesn't like to get his picture taken, let alone do all the mushy, lovey dovey shots so we posed them accordingly to make him feel more comfortable! I added a fun new layout for their pictures to spruce up the blog and added the pin it!



Ashley Elizabeth said...

That bridge is so cute! Where is that located? Excellent photos!

Robinwood Photography said...

Thank you! It' s at a friends residence! They have a beautiful setting there!

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