On Location Oregon City Photographer / Robinwood Photography

This is one of my favorite sessions! I had so much fun with this 14 year old! My oh my, she's got style, works the camera, and has a beautiful smile! We went downtown OC for an urban setting that fit her look perfectly! Downtown Oregon City has really came around. Lots of darling new shops and buildings were all remodeled! We enjoyed walking the street stopping in front of cute shops for a backdrop! We even ran into one of our friends who was walking her dog that we borrowed for a "prop" Thanks Melinda! She was a great accessory to her vintage look! I really can't pick a favorite from her session, and you will see why....
This is their doggy but he only was in a few pictures since he didn't have a leash and we was on a busy street!
I loved this one! Looks like the dog is giving her a hug with a smile on his face!
These next ones are my favorite. So fun with a vintage vibe! Thanks Salon Joie De Vivre for letting us enjoy your store front! Your salon is adorable!


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