Oregon City On Location Photographer / Robinwood Photography

Not sure if you read my last post with the 14 year old girl session but this session is of her friend. I love that they both have a totally different look / style. This adorable 14 year old is more country and her friends setting was urban. I really strive for each session I do to be unique and tailored to my clients style. We went to my friends home where I've done pictures there before. They have an old truck parked in their field and it makes a great prop. It coordinated perfectly with her dress and boots. There was beautiful light that evening so I put her in the middle of the field to take advantage of it! I loved how the light hit her hair. The setting sun is my best tool for taking pictures! We wrapped up the session with a long fenced gravel road. I had a great session with this girl and she was so easy to work with! Enjoy her preview!
Here's a tear jerker for mom... Here's a picture from her session just two years ago...


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